Billing Software

(An Order Management-Invoice-Stock Inventory Software)

OMIS is an Order Management-Invoice-Stock Inventory Software. It manages your Sales Order,Quotations,Purchase orders. All the orders are highly integrated with Sale Invoice and purchase invoice.

Generation of invoices are very quick and easy.
No need of any specialized training. It take 1 day to understand the flow.
It take care of all type of taxes and gives proper details of each and every tax.
It has excellent stock-inventory features.
Product can be configure to give alarm when stock goes lower then minimum quantity.
you can lock your product for to sell in specific price and below that price you cannot sell product.

OMIS provides you one click information of all your business reports and generate tax reports as well.

Advantages of OMIS

1) Very Easy to operate (5 Simple Steps)

Make entry of your Products.
Make entry of your Vendor.
Purchase Product from your Vendor.
Make Entry for Customers.
Generate Invoice and Reports.

2) It is safe and secure.

Data backup facility.
Multylevel password facility.

3) Export and import features & Report can be generate in


4) Company provide you best support and service in all respect.

OMIS consist of several modules like

Dashboard Where you can check stock details and daily sales report.
Invoice where you can generate sale invoice to your customer with delivery challan.
Purchase Where you can receive purchase invoice and products from your vendor.
Customer where you can add, update & search you customer information.
Vendor where you can add, update & search you vendor information.
Quotation where you can generate quotations.
Sale order where you can receive purchase order.
Purchase order where you can issue purchase order.
Admin where you can set various administrative settings.
Data backup where you can take daily backup your data.
Report different type of report are available in this section.
History where you can find history of all your Invoice, Quotations, Purchase orderetc.

Cloud Based Data Protection:

Zero Data Loss in case of total computer crashes.

No data loss even if your computer was theft our.